To quote Will Ferrell: “No one knows what it means. But it's provocative. It gets the people going!” Some questions are so profound that their answers lie somewhere in the murky depths of our consciousness, waiting to reveal themselves to us only when our psyches are capable of comprehending their hidden truth. That moment of singularity? You visiting this website. I could explain to you what NoRuBBERS means, but it wouldn't tell the whole story. It is many things and at the same time one thing.

 NoRuBBERS is a statement about the kind of life you wish to lead. It is not best expressed in this paragraph or in anything written on this website. If you were to ask any single person involved in NoRuBBERS what it means, each would give their own unique answer. None would be wrong, for NoRuBBERS is a collective mindset contributed to by each of its members. Yet it exists in its wholly realized form within each of us. NoRuBBERS serves as a battle cry for those that strive to squeeze every last drop out of life, empowered by the realization that it is 2012 and we can do whatever we want. Not intimidated by the fear and powerlessness those in the media and politics would have us trembling in the corner over, we dedicate ourselves to living boldly and out loud.

In these uncertain times all we have is a commitment to ourselves to go all out, moving forward to the horizon with our chests out and our chins up, emboldened by the knowledge that the world is ours for the taking no matter what they throw at us. NoRuBBERS is conviction, dedication, motivation. It is...Simply a lifestyle... With a sure heart and a steady voice we shout out in unison to whoever will listen, “NoRuBBERS!!!”



What started out as a saying between friends, eventually grew into a phenomenon that we call NoRuBBERS. As young energetic people that love experiencing life to the max (whether that be skydiving, wake boarding, motocross, clubbing in Las Vegas, or rockin' out to our favorite bands), we came up for our own "Balls to the Wall", "Live Life to the Fullest", etc...